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Company Profile

ZHZY XI'an Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a globe manufacture of medical-aesthetic equipment. It is famous in design and develop IPL, Radio-Frequency, Diode laser, Co2 laser, Nd-yag laser and HIFU, cavitation technology products. ZHZY Laser has more than 15 years in this market. All our products is exclusive and stable.

We accept OEM and ODM project, our R&D team have over 100 cases for OEM and ODM. Take ZHZY Xi'an Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd as part of your business, you can inspire and empower your clients to enhance their beauty and improve their quality of life with safe, predictable and effective treatments.

To be as ZHZY Distributors

ZHZY laser are Looking for popular salon and SPA Owner or Distributor all over the world.

ZHZY is a leading brand of all kinds of beauty machines like IPL, diode laser, cryo, cool sculpting, Nd yag tattoo removal laser HIFU, emsculpting. we want to provide you widest range of top quality products our company. Since 2009, regional distribution partners have played a very important role in promoting and supporting the sale of our products in their local markets. We are very happy to have built a rapid growing big network of great distribution partners extending ZHZY products to a larger number of countries around the world. We are currently inviting more cooperating partners to join us as our distributors, to enable us to promote our products to new markets. By joining us you will gain access to more than the exclusive discounts as well as the first-class technology and comprehensive service supports we provide.


After Sales Service

  • We ensure bring you a super beauty machines purchase experience.
  • Full of security and certainty.
  • Whenever there is any quality problem of the machine within 30 days, we can exchange it at any time.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • We cover the replacement of the equipment if it does not work correctly because of our quality problems, also the replacement of parts.
  • We provide professional technical service for periodic reviews, maintenance and troubleshooting.